Purchase Order Funding Keeps Business Moving When Cash Is Low

Purchase order financing helps businesses get money to fill orders when they don’t have the cash flow to meet the costs. If you are a distributor or reseller of manufactured products, you understand how getting financing to obtain pre-sold merchandise can be a challenge far greater than sales or production. Platinum Commercial Capital can provide you with purchase order funding for domestic production, or import and export of pre-sold merchandise.

Once you receive a purchase order from a customer, you can apply for financing and use the order as collateral, and receive a lump sum to use to fill the order. When you are paid by your customer you repay the loan plus interest and fees. This financing allows a business to grow without loss of equity or an increase in debt. You also increase customer satisfaction by filling orders in a timely manner, and increase your market share. You will make bigger profits in the long run because you can fill larger orders and serve more customers.

Who Can Qualify

Platinum Commercial Capital can help you if you are a producer, distributor, wholesaler or reseller of manufactured products. You can receive financing even if:

  • Your business is a start-up
  • You have poor cash flow
  • You have limited access to capital

We specialize in Letters of Credit for trade finance for import and export transactions in addition to domestic trade purchase.

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