Grow Your Business Without Debt

If you have a need for immediate capital but don’t want to pay interest on a loan, or you don’t qualify for a traditional bank loan, a merchant cash advance from Platinum Commercial Capital could be the perfect solution for you. You should consider this financing option if:

  • You have good sales but you credit is not strong enough for a loan
  • You don’t want to make fixed payments
  • You don’t want restrictions on how you use your capital

A Merchant Cash Advance is Repaid Based on Sales Volume

If you need immediate capital for an unanticipated expense or just need to expand your inventory quickly, your business can receive a merchant cash advance of up to $200,000 for each business location. A merchant cash advance can be made within a week or less, and because it is based on your sales volume and not your credit, it is easier to qualify. You can use the money is whatever way you wish and the repayment is flexible. This financing requires no application fee, loss of equity, or fixed payments, and you won’t pay interest.

Repayment is based on percentage of your sales, not a fixed amount, so the more you sell, the more you pay back in a given month. This way, you are never stretched to make a big payment when you’ve had a period of low sales.

If you are interested in how this financing can help your business grow, call Platinum Commercial Capital for more information.

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