Financing Business Equipment in Today’s Economy

Business equipment can take over your budget very quickly, especially as today’s technology changes so fast. At Platinum Commercial Capital, we understand that not every business has the capital to invest in equipment to stay current. We offer equipment financing and leasing to provide more options when it comes to how you spend your money.

When you lease equipment, there are no financial statements required. This makes the process much less bureaucratic than traditional bank loans. Because we have numerous payment structures and little to no down payment terms, we can find the solution for your needs now without putting you into debt for years. When you’re in a period of growth, equipment leasing is a good option to find newer technologies that work for your organization.

Types of Programs We Offer

We have experience in equipment financing for multiple industries. Our team has helped startups without a credit history find the right equipment to move forward. We’ve worked with companies that have B, C, or D credit. It’s a second chance to structure your financial requirements to grow when your business has taken financial hits from the economy. We also work with government and municipalities to find the equipment they need to stay current and competitive.

Why Should Your Business Choose Leasing?

Many businesses today are using leasing to keep from tying up valuable working capital. Here are a few more advantages of leasing:

  • Lower down payment than buying
  • Low monthly payments
  • Eliminate obsolete equipment
  • Fixed payments
  • Preserve your lines of credit for other needs
  • Accounting advantages

Work With Our Financial Specialists

Because we have a vast portfolio of financial products, we can find the right solution for you when it comes to equipment leasing. We want to see your business succeed by having current tools to fit what you’re doing. Discuss your needs and goals with our team of financial professionals to find out what we have to offer.