A Referral and Broker Program That Can Restart Your Career

If you are a broker who is tired of the disappointment of inadequate employer resources to fund deals, slow turnaround times, or unrealistic commissions based on your efforts, you should consider other options for making sales. Platinum Commercial Capital is a growing and nationally recognized company of skilled professionals, and has a robust Referral and Broker Program. When you work with us, your vendors and clients will be quickly funded, and you can use our identity and financing tools anywhere you are located. We have regional sales position open across the country.

Referrals and Brokers will find these among the many benefits of working with us:

  • Top commission and referral fees for any of your deals that we fund
  • Any of your clients who return to us will be politely referred back to you so that you can structure their deals
  • Referrals and Brokers are protected and you can be sure of respect; all fees earned will be disclosed

In some circumstances we will need to work directly with your client, such as when the project and transaction is large, but we will always acknowledge that the deal is yours.

Should You Choose a Referral and Broker Program?

Ask yourself whether you think you are getting fair compensation or acknowledgement for the work that you do. Do you think you could grow your client base if you had easier access to lending options? When your clients know that funding is available quickly, your reputation will grow and your frustrations will decrease.

If you are ready for a change in your circumstances, consider working with us. Any broker or referral is welcome to submit or preview a transaction. We are looking for motivated brokers who want to advance their careers. Give us a call and speak to one of our representatives and find out what we can offer you.